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The Problem: According to a 2009 Carnegie Mellon Cylab study, children are 51 times more likely to have their identity stolen than adults.

In a 2012 study by AllClear ID, 27,000 kids had their Social Security number scanned and the results showed that 2,875 or 10.7% of the children had someone else using their Social Security number.

What to do: Obtaining your child a state issued ID card is the first step towards preventing your child's identity from being stolen. 

Additional Benefits: More than ever, children accompany their parents and guardians across the country and abroad. Getting your child a state issued ID will help with domestic travel in the United States, and, if available, it is recommended to obtain an state issued Enhanced Identification card.

Best of all, through the Keeping IDentities Safe for KIDS program, parents can obtain reimbursement for:

In Florida - the cost of a State Issued ID at the Boys & Girls Club of Hernando County, after purchasing it at the Spring Hill Driver License and Motor Vehicle Service Center.

In Washington State - the cost of a State Issued 
Enhanced ID card from Boys & Girls Clubs of the Olympic Peninsula and Thurston County, after they purchase it from the Washington State Department of Licensing.

Currently, vouchers are available for Hernando County, FL for Florida Boys & Girls Club members, and Thurston County, WA and Olympic Peninsula, WA Boys & Girls Clubs members.

What is an Enhanced ID?
(Washington State Only)

Washington State offers an Enhanced Identification (ID) card from the Washington State Department of Licensing. Obtaining one is a smart choice for any parent who wants faster United States border crossing, a reliable proof of identity for their child, and a way to help protect their child from becoming a victim of identity theft.

The Washington Department of Licensing Enhanced Identification card is also accepted at land and sea border crossings into the U.S., from Canada, Mexico, and some Caribbean countries. It can be used instead of a passport as an IDENTITY and CITIZENSHIP document at these crossings, as well as for air travel within the U.S.

While only an option for Washington State residents who are U.S. citizens, parents are encouraged to obtain an Enhanced Child ID card for their child for faster identification checks when traveling with a parent or guardian
by train, car, or ferry to Canada.

For more information call 202-289-0990 or
e-mail andrew_meehan@secure-license.org